Lynx helps energy and utility enterprises address key regulatory and information security issues to ensure the protection and progression of vital energy resources.

Typical Challenges We Help With:

  • Preparing for NERC CIP Audits
  • Asset Identification
  • Information Protection
  • Systems Security Management
  • Change Control and Configuration Management

Compliance Standards

  • NRC
  • NEI 08-09
  • ISO 27000 Series
  • State Mandates

To help Nuclear Industry partners address the demanding Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) cyber security regulations, Lynx Technology Partners offers Lynx Risk Manager®, a proven, flexible solution that provides thorough assessment and continuous measurement of your NEI 08-09 compliance posture.

Lynx Risk Manager delivers a flexible workflow design that will meet both your current and future needs:

Streamlined Workflow for Assessing Physical and Procedural Controls:

Automated NEI 08-09 assessment workflow that provides structure around the process of collecting scores and providing evidence for physical and procedural controls. Additional workflows native to the solution manage compensating controls, exceptions, and escalation procedures.

Automated Importing and Dynamic Grouping of IT Assets:

Automatically import CDA’s into the solution from outside sources like Database, Excel, XML, CSV, etc. and group CDA’s around process, workflow, plant systems, or anything that is required by the assessment or reporting requirements

Automated Self-Assessment Surveys:

Send multiple-choice surveys to system owners to request up-to-date control implementation status for their areas of responsibility. Once approved, survey responses automatically update compliance scores.

Attachments for Evidence Collection:

Provides a convenient way to manage the myriad of evidence artifacts required to demonstrate the validity of self-assessment scores.


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